‘Stand Up, Speak Up’- Nirmiti V. Bhor


Eve teasing…Abuse… Molestations…. Rapes… These heartrending sights of cruelty continue to happen… Even after Nirbhaya, Aruna Shanbhag Case, the Bengaluru mass molestation, and many more… Not only the Indian society but whole world continues to witness injustice against women. After the Bengaluru molestation, many people commented on the clothes that girls wear. Is that really the fault of her clothes? Don’t you feel it’s the ill minded mentality of the people? She must be wearing a burkha, or a saree, or a salwar kameez or else a western outfit; no one can guarantee you that guys will look at her in a respectful way. If that’s the issue of the short clothes, then what is the cause of a girl child facing abuse and molestation?

I think it’s not the size of her clothes; it’s the low level of thinking of the people which makes them think of those dirty thoughts and actions. Both molesters and commenter are equally responsible for such things. People are often seen tagging the society insecure and also giving this reason for holding girls back. But they don’t understand that we make this society! Why don’t they try inculcating in boys to treat the girls well? I don’t blame all the boys. But everyone is responsible to some extent.

We all have some close group of different people (friends, relatives, etc). People in groups are often heard talking indecent topics and passing sick comments! Why don’t others tell the one to stop where it crosses a limit? This means we are remaining silent also results in some injustice. About the clothes, people don’t tell boys to roam in decent clothes and not to wear those shorts! But if a girl is seen in those on a road, immediately tags start to stick on her character… Even every one of us has experienced some ill comments and looks… Still we choose to remain silent and let go the things. And when things happen, after all the suffering, why is she blamed, bombarded with those sick questions and sights? Why always is her character pointed? Why don’t they understand it’s her choice what to wear and what not to! Isn’t it our duty to respect her and make her feel secure anywhere?

Lastly, it’s we, who have to find our way out. Till what are we going to live our life according the ‘rules’ and ‘masks’ of the society? We are neither the toys, nor the dolls that are kept in a corner. Surely we are sweet, soft spoken, and fit in all the compartments that all are made for us. But we are not ‘born’ like this; we are ‘made’ like this… We are courageous, full of fierce, ambitious, committed, creative, etc… We are HUMAN BEINGS first, and then all the masks are put on by the society.  Let’s be strong, healthy, intellectual human beings! This will make a difference. Let’s make at least our society secure for us. A very true sentence “Don’t hold clothes guilty, Hold yourself accountable!” If you are not a molester you could have prevented from becoming one! Until we keep on tolerating these things, we are equally accountable and responsible for the injustice we see, we face!


Nirmiti V. Bhor is a core group volunteer with I Soch, Tathapi.                                

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