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i am 40 yrs male and married 13 yrs back. in 2008 i started anxiety problem and i am taking antidepresent then i started doing meditation of brahmhakuaris. my anxiety decreased but in that mediation they suggest to follow brahmhacharya but i cant do that previously from age 14 i do masterbation in guilt and after marriage i have 2 sons i also watched porn daily in 2003 to 2009.that time i also tried to touch womens and girls in bus and trains but then i realised that it is not good and then i avoid travel currently i feel very guilty about what i have done in to regret past and what to do in present i want mental peace and also sex. in all meditation and guru they taught brahmhacharya or sanyam but whether it is possible in current days. pl answer i am verymuch confused and also feeling past act guilt.

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We apologise for this late reply to your question. First let me congratulate you that you have stopped touchng women on the bus or road. That was the most inappropriate thing and is a crime. You could have faced arrest, prison and humiliation. Now that you have stopped that practice and feeling guilty, that is ok. Let me tell you, it is really a good thing for you. The sense of guilt is ok and that will keep you away from the repetition of the act. Gradually you will overcome the guilt also. There is no need of avoiding travel.

Second thing. Masturbation, watching porn is ok. Let me assure you. There is nothing abnormal or illigal in it. Masturbation is a healthy way of expressing one’s sexuality. And there is no way it will hurt your body or mind. People do feel a guilt after doing it because we have been raised in that way and which is wrong. So chill and try to get over guilt.

Third thing. If you have been benifited by the meditation and all it is good. Do that. But about Brahmcharya etc. we are not sure. Talk to you Guru if possible. And if not possible, just forget it. One must follow one’s heart and mind. If it is not the way you want, do it your way. Apply your own mind. There is nothing wrong in listening to one’s own mind.

Consult your doctor on the medicines. Do take care..

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