High Sex drive. asked 6 years ago

I am 28 year old unmarried guy. My sex drive is out of control. I have never had sex till now. I always feel horny, even a single glimpse of a cleavage excites me and I feel like having sex with that person. Moreover, I can’t marry for at least two years. What should I do? How to control high sex drive? Will curbing sexual desire result into complications? Or having sex with some decent sex worker would help?

Please guide.

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Answer for High Sex drive. answered 6 years ago

Dear Friend, Don’t worry. It’s perfectly alright to have sexual desire. Sexual desire can vary from person to person and nothing is wrong in having more sexual desire.

Now, how to fulfill sexual desire? Masturbation is the safest way of giving pleasure to ourselves. It does not have any side effects. Whether to have sex with sex worker and anyone else is completely your choice. One should follow basic values like consent, respect, safety (use of contraception to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections) and privacy while having sex.

If you are feeling like having sex by looking at each and every person then be careful. It can be dangerous. Your action (sexual act, verbal or physical) with another person without his/her wish can be disrespecting and sexual harassment for that person.

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