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We are not sure what you exactly want to know? We will try and answer both possible possibilities.   Does Phimosis affect sexual intercourse? Ans: Yes it may sometimes. Phimosis means complete inability to retract the foreskin (prepuce) on the glans. If it is not complete (partial) then there may not be problem with sexual intercourse but if complete and especially tight, may cause problems during erection state and during intercourse. May sometimes get tears due to friction. If retracted forcibly may lead to swelling and inability to replace in original position (this is called para-phimosis) which may necessitate  surgery. The best way to deal with phimosis is to undergo a surgery called circumcision (sunta).   If the question is   Is phimosis effect of sexual intercourse Ans: Not generally. If the foreskin can be easily retracted otherwise and there is enough lubrication during sex there will not be phimosis. But ife one gets some sexually transmitted disease due to sexual intecourse then that swelling may lead to phimosis.

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