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I am 20 yr boy..i want change my sexual organ by operation ..what is the process of sex change operation ??where are hospitals?? Cost ??

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Answer for sex-change-operation answered 8 years ago

First you have to see 2 independent Psychiatrists who have to certify that you have genitals of a man but you have Gender Identity of a woman. Without that certificate you won’t be able to undergo sex change operation to become a woman (I assume that you want to transition to a woman). The Psychiatrists should be experienced in dealing with gender identity issues. We can provide references if and when you need any for such psychiatrists (from Pune). There are many issues related to the types of operations/hormonal treatment etc. but you will have to take my appointment to discuss these issues with me . I can’t respond on email as it will be a very lengthy discussion.
Bindumadhav Khire
Samapathik Trust, Pune
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