प्रश्नोत्तरेCategory: Public QuestionsWhich period or time should be safe for sex without contraceptives (condom) and to avoid pregnancy.

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Actually there is no such period as ‘Safe Period’ to have sex without proper contraception. Especially if one is unaware about the processes in the body of a woman. Again the woman can only tell it, that also after a lot of observations of her own menstrual cycle with a good knowledge regarding the cycle.
Pregnancy or conception is one of the outcomes of sex. And if one wants to enjoy sex without the tension of getting pregnant, one has to know some basics of our bodies.
For the pregnancy to occur, it needs a sperm (male egg from semen), an ovum (female egg released once in a menstrual cycle) and fertile mucus inside the vagina. It is necessary that the sperm reaches the vagina and unites with the egg. This is most possible a little before, during and little after ovulation (when the female egg is released from the ovary and is present in the egg tube).
How do we know when ovulation occurs?
Usually, it is roughly 12-16 days before one gets periods. If the menstrual cycle is 30 days long, then the ovulation occurs around 14th to 18th day of the cycle. But if the cycle is longer, meaning if the girl gets her periods after 40 or more days, her ovulation happens around 24-28th day of the cycle. Similarly for shorter cycles of 22-24 days, ovulation happens on the 7th or 8th day of the cycle. One can track and learn when one ovulates. Read more about this in (फर्टिलिटी अवेअरनेस)
Thus, it is important to understand that there is no common safe period – where the girl does not get pregnant.
But for men, most of the times when they ejaculate (when semen comes out during sex) there are millions of sperms that are released. Only one is necessary for conception.
So, before you learn these body basics and master them to find when a girl does not get pregnant, do a simple thing. Buy a condom and use it when you want to have sex. It is much easier than carrying the stress of an unwanted pregnancy.
For more information, read नको असणारी गर्भधारणा टाळण्यासाठी in सेक्स बोलें तो (https://letstalksexuality.com/contraception/)

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